Juggling Very Badly

Boy and Girl

Do you like my chocolate boy and girl? I came up with the idea for it because I wanted to use up my sugar flowers and edible pearls. I have great plans for it – plans that hopefully become reality tomorrow if I can find it in me to get it done.

My sincere apologies – I have tried and failed to juggle working 6 days, looking after a blog, planning a trip to Europe as well as attempting to have a semblance of a social life on top of all of that. Am hoping I will have more time once I return from my trip to get back to regular posting but until then, posts may extremely sporadic.

6 thoughts on “Juggling Very Badly

  1. Ha, it was actually in Europe that I saw a cute graffiti piece that looked exactly like your chocolate boy and girl – only difference was she was holding a club behind her back and it was just too cute! Have a great holiday!

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