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Evelyn Baking
Hello! See the girl on the left? It’s me! My friend illustrated me upon my very fervent request and I love it! She has huge eyes, which has always been my dream and is now a reality in an alternate universe.  And look at her perfectly sculpted just blow-waved hair! It certainly is a very flattering image. However, my friend has reassured me that in illustrations, you can be anyone and anything. How great is that?

I see you mustered up enough interest in this blog to learn more about me. I realise that is a very big deal (let’s face it, looking for buttons and clicking is hard work!) so thanks for that!

I’m Evelyn, and in early 2012 I had 100 days of – nothing. No job. No boy. No income.

God, I made that sound depressing. But wait – it’s actually not that bad!

What I did have was a whole list of things I wanted to do. And time. And a modest amount of cash to tide me over until my next job started.

So I did all the things I always wanted to do.

Ikebana classes. Papercraft.

Dining out. You know when you go out on a weekday and there are people having a long lazy lunches and you think, ‘Who-are-these-people-don’t-they-have-jobs-why-are-they-enjoying-life-I’m-so-jealous??I was one of those people. Darn, that sentence is unfortunately in the past tense.

Baking. Photography. And blogging. And that is how 100 Days of Evelyn was born.Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 9.18.39 PM

Fast forward to the present.

I am now a dentist 5 days a week. The rest of the time, I look for the next new thing to bake or photograph and blog about it. Sometimes, I even try to blow giant soap bubbles. Subscribe for new posts every Sunday and Thursday.


Where else can we find you?

I now have a YouTube channel! Feel free to contact me at 100daysofevelyn[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with the links on the sidebar.

How often do you post?

Every Monday and Thursday.

Are your creations available for purchase?

If you live in Melbourne and would like to commission a project, drop me a line at 100daysofevelyn[at]gmail[dot]com with your enquiry and I will get back to you.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I get my inspiration from a variety of things – books I’ve read, pins I’ve seen on Pinterest, things people around me mention – anything really. Then I try to recreate whatever I’ve visualised in the kitchen.

What do you use to photograph your projects?

I am using a Canon 7D and usually shoot with a 60mm f2.8 lens. I also use Lightroom 4 for editing my photographs.

Can I re-use any of the content on this blog?

I am happy to share all my projects, photographs and recipes with the world. However, if republished, please refer 100 Days of Evelyn to others and use appropriate acknowledgement of their origin.



14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and the like. Your photos (esp under Projects) are amazing – real eye-candy! Look forward to reading more and see you again soon on my blog, raisingdragonboy.com. Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy

  2. Hi Evelyn, just dropping by to let you know that I absolutely love your blog. It’s fun, entertaining and informative! I look forward to following your posts 🙂

  3. I am so happy that I stumbled onto your blog! I love it, and I think it’s so unique. You’ve definitely got a happy new follower on board; good luck and looking forward to future posts! 🙂

  4. Love your passion in life ! Good job! Amazing work and great photography !! Seems like we share the interest of photography and baking 🙂 All the very best !!

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