Homemade Bookmarks

Pinterest has completely changed my life. Mainly because now I have a whole album full of projects that I want to pursue that’s organized so well it’s easy to just wake up in the morning, look at my pins and decide on a project.

I came across these bookmarks on Pinterest and thought they were so cute I had to make them!!

Full instructions from here. It’s a fairly simple craft project that somehow managed to take two and a half hours because I couldn’t decide on which card stock to use and whatnot. Loved it.

Veal Meatballs with Dipping Sauce

I stood and stared at the many rows of packaged minced meat, trying to decide which to get. Lean? Extra lean? Premium mince? Pork? Chicken? Beef?

Finally decided on extra lean beef and brought it home. When I unpacked it turns out I was so confused at the store I brought home extra lean veal instead. Oh well – it’s still the same thing only it’s a baby? 😦

I am a meat eater but I get pretty guilty every time I see documentaries or read articles about how the meat industry is destroying our planet. So I try to cut back on it.

Anyway, back to the veal meatballs.

It was very simple and tasty – I ended up eating a lot of them in one sitting.

I followed the recipe from here very loosely – I didn’t have hoisin at home so I used barbecue instead for the dipping sauce and I added some chilli paste as well. Also, I didn’t have any breadcrumbs so I just made my meatballs without – it still turned out fine.

Chocolate Brownies and Other Things

Woke up at 9am and very slowly started to think about what to bake for the day to bring to a friend’s place, where we were going to spend the afternoon together. After a failed macaron batch (don’t ask) I decided to opt for something simple and bake some brownies.

Recipe from here. My blog from a while back that I kinda abandoned after a few posts. Shame on me.

Anyway, drove out to Templestowe, where my friend was ready with my favourite things – coffee, stuffed baby peppers and… ham, cheese and tomato toasties.

This was the first time anyone had served up a Nespresso coffee for me so I was eager to try it out. It was a decent coffee, but I think I still prefer to get one from the cafe.

It was a pleasant day just hanging out with friends that ended with a beautiful sunset. I love this city.