How To: Make Fondant Daisy Flower

There many daisy tutorials out there but most seem to be the ones that have fairly sharp angles and imprints. I decided to make something a little less angular and if you’re interested read on to see how I made mine!

I actually used them on my Daisy Bee Cupcakes in combination with bumble bees. Please refer to the bumble bee tutorial if you are interested in learning how to make that too!
Fondant DaisySupplies needed

Daisy cutter
Fondant (coloured to the shade of your choice)
Small rolling pin for rolling the fondant
Tiny rolling pin for flattening the petals
Flower sponge
Small sable brush
Some water
Sieve or meshy object


  1. Roll the white fondant out thin – you should be able to see the colour of the surface that you’re rolling on through the fondant. The thinner you roll it the more delicate your flower is going to be.
  2. Cut two flowers shapes using the daisy cutter.
  3. Using the tiny rolling pin, roll the petals outwards, thinning them further.
  4. Move the cut out onto the flower sponge. Place the rounded tip of the tiny rolling pin on the tip of the flower petal and draw inward towards the middle of the flower – this will curl the petal. Repeat these steps with the second flower cut out.
  5. Roll a pea-sized amount of yellow fondant into a ball and flatten. Press against sieve or any other textured mesh to create a textured surface for the daisy’s heart.
  6. To assemble, brush some water in the middle of a flower cut out and pop the second flower cut out on top of it, staggering it so that the petals do not overlap. Brush more water on top of the second cut out and press the textured circle in the middle.
  7. Leave to dry for a few hours before use.

DIY Pretty Matchboxes

My bedroom is tiny and therefore I’ve kept it very minimalist – so minimalist that everything in it ranges from white to black and some silver trimmings.

I love lighting a candle at night and because my matchbox does not match the rest of my room I always keep it out of sight in one of my drawers. However, I decided to pretty it up with some paper craft work.

ResultsFor this DIY you will need:

A matchbox
A glues stick
Card stock of your choice (I chose black)
Coloured pen of choice (optional)



1. Measure the box and cut out 2 pieces of card stock in the shape of the matchbox (one for the front and one for the back)
2. Glue the pieces onto the box with a glue stick.
3. Decorate as desired.

Makeshift Metropolis

I watch a shameful amount of YouTube and one of my favourite things to watch at the moment is Wesley Chan’s Makeshift show. I watched this yesterday and immediately decided I had to make my own version for fun.

Here’s mine. I decided to put it into my housemate’s little cake dome and sit it on my bookshelf. I was pretty happy with it. Would like to make a different one sometime soon.

Homemade Bookmarks

Pinterest has completely changed my life. Mainly because now I have a whole album full of projects that I want to pursue that’s organized so well it’s easy to just wake up in the morning, look at my pins and decide on a project.

I came across these bookmarks on Pinterest and thought they were so cute I had to make them!!

Full instructions from here. It’s a fairly simple craft project that somehow managed to take two and a half hours because I couldn’t decide on which card stock to use and whatnot. Loved it.