Limoncello Gin Cocktail

Limoncello Gin Cocktail

I went through a phase in my life where I wanted everything to be white – pure, unblemished, perfect white. If I was to be honest, it was probably because I went through a difficult break up and wanted a new and clean slate. It’s strange how events like that change your perspective on life. Up to today, white is still my default colour of choice when picking out anything that comes in a variety of colours. Some say boring, I say… timeless classic. Will get back to you in 50 years to see if I am right!

I have never really done much black and white photography at all but I tried it out recently and have decided I quite like the look of it! I bought some Limoncello for a future project and decided to make a cocktail. It was delicious – if you have the ingredients handy I highly recommend it.

Limoncello Gin Cocktail


1 shot gin
1 shot limoncello
Soda water or lemonade to top up (personal choice)


  1. Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake away.
  2. Pour into cocktail glass.Don’t forget to rehydrate with water after!

Lui Bar WaterGlass of water photographed at Lui Bar, Rialto Towers. 

Lion Tart

Lion Tart

I was browsing aimlessly around the internet and came across a pie that had a cat face done with pastry. Immediately, I was drawn to it. A few days later and several YouTube videos on how to draw lions and hundreds of Google Images of ‘kind lion’ and ‘wise lion’ and ‘Aslan’, I decided that I would dip my toe into template making after years of using what was available out there. Can you tell that I am not a risk taker?

Let me tell you it was no easy task for me – I have no natural talent in drawing. I’m great a replicating something that’s in front of me but coming up with something on my own is a nightmare. My housemate was very helpful though – after a few pointers on how I had to look at objects as shapes rather than things and copy the shape I finally came up with a reasonable template that I was happy with. Template now available for download here.


Then came the actual tart baking. I had some leftover lemon curd from my previous project and decided to make another lemon tart – this time with a sweet shortcrust pastry – recipe as shown here.

After making the tart the usual way, it was time for the fun part – the lion! To make him, I first decided that I would cut everything free hand and just refer to the template. Results below.


It took a long time. I suggest you start early in the morning if you want to photograph your project in daylight.


I decided the pieces for the face did not cut it and I was bad a free-hand shortcrust pastry cutting. Decided to cut out pieces of the template to use as a stencil and remade his face.

The lion’s face still was not how I envisioned him after all of that effort! In my template I felt his expression was exactly right but I just could not for the life of me replicate it in pastry. I am sorry to say that I was a quitter – I stopped at two tries. I plonked all the pieces onto my lemon tart and voila – lion tart. Kinda.

Lion Tart

Overall, not perfect but it was a great learning project. I usually shy away from drawing and creating so this really pushed me beyond my comfort zone. I am also suddenly very strangely drawn to animals as inspiration now. Hopefully I do the next animal justice.

Gingerbread Hearts

I found this mug a few days ago and decided to make something to pair with it. After much thought, decided to give gingerbread hearts with a notch cut out a whirl.Image

Gingerbread recipe from here. To make the hearts, I cut it with a heart cookie cutter and then used a knife to cut a notch off the side – you may need to experiment a little to get the right size, but I’d say about 0.7cm would be about right. Too wide and it will flop around and too narrrow the biscuit won’t slide down completely (as illustrated in this photo).


World Gin Day

Hello everyone! I was informed early this morning that it is World Gin Day and decided to celebrate with some Hendrick’s Gin with my housemate. We got it very inexpensively at Malaysia’s duty free and today felt like an apt day to try it out.

ImageRecipe as follows:

1 shot gin
1 shot grenadine
Tonic water to top up.

It really was a simple case of eyeballing gin, grenadine and topping it up with tonic water. Absolutely delicious! I garnished it with a slice of Pink Lady apple.

Chocolate Tart

I made the huge mistake of purchasing a 2kg bag of plain flour instead of self raising and it is now my mission in life to pursue as many plain flour recipes as possible to deplete my plain flour surplus.

Decided to start off with chocolate tart because I am trying to deplete my chocolate surplus too!

Recipe from here.


Coffee Chocolate Cake

I combined my two loves today – coffee and chocolate.ImageA friend had bought me a box of Merci chocolates and it seemed fitting that I bake a cake just to celebrate that fact. Merci holds a special place in my heart – it may not be the best chocolate on the market but when I was growing up it was one of the very special treats that I got to enjoy.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava CakeI committed to a 3kg bag of Callebaut chocolate about a year ago and it has come to my attention that if I don’t finish it soon its intensity is going to decline. Therefore, I’ve been trying to make various different chocolate goodies.

Today, I tried making molten chocolate lava cake. I dislike making anything that is extremely time sensitive (in this case, too short and it’ll fall apart, too long and it won’t be molten) but I was lucky enough to get it right.

Recipe from here.

Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have tried many recipes for chocolate chip cookies in my day and I always fail to find a nice crispy recipe. After many failed attempts, I found just the right recipe here.Choc ChipI had tons of fun photographing it. Yes, that is a old wooden cheese box that I had lying around, waiting for its turn to be helpful.

Creme Brulee

I have a irrational phobia of overcooking my creme brulee whenever I make them. Maybe because I have done it before. Either way, after checking on it every 5-10 minutes for about an hour, it was cooked to perfection – in my opinion anyway.

Recipe from here.Creme Brulee

Been working on my chiaroscuro technique. Was pretty happy with the result.