Coffee Macarons

I decided to try to make some coffee macarons as the flavour of the week. Where does one acquire coffee beans? I wasn’t up for buying an entire bag of beans just so I could use a few so my options were limited – beg, borrow or steal. I requested for some from a barista at a cafe that I had brunch at and he was nice enough to give me some. I was very pleased.

I made these with the French method and to be honest I think I’m just better off using the Italian method from now on – the shells were slightly uneven and the texture was a little cake-y. They tasted delicious though – rich coffee buttercream with a very intense burst of coffee from the bean.

Recipe for super easy buttercream below:

50g butter
20g caster sugar
half a pack of instant coffee

  1. Cream all ingredients together and pipe into shells.


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