Homemade Persian Fairy Floss (Pashmak)

I accidentally bought an extra bottle of liquid glucose and have been looking up recipes with liquid glucose in it in my effort to use up my surplus. Stumbled upon a Youtube video here showing how to make handmade pashmak and I knew I had to try it immediately.

I decided to colour it pink because that’s the colour I associate fairy floss with.

My attempt was reasonably successful. A fair few strands broke in the process and I must warn you that your entire kitchen is covered with flour at the end of the project. The broken strands are not a big deal – just take them out of the mix and save the long fluffy pretty floss pieces. Popped it on some frozen peach mousse and that was that.

The store bought version is obviously finer and less home-made looking but for a first effort I was pretty proud of myself.

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